Sharing knowledge fuels ideas for Funds Management sector

At AlphaCert Labs, we believe that discussion and debate between peers is a good stimulus for creativity and innovation. That’s why we host “Leaders of Funds” forums. On 28 July, over lunch, a group of peers shared knowledge and ideas with other recognised leaders in the Funds Management sector.

We presented common challenges faced by the Funds Management sector. The industry is growing fast but competition for investment funds is fierce. Fund Managers want and need better information which leads to better insights and improved decision-making. Operating and processing efficiencies are a challenge.

Context is crucial to understanding implications for any industry. The technology landscape is evolving at breakneck speed so keeping pace with change is challenging in itself. Globally, computing costs are down. Storage costs are down, enabling the creation of more and richer digital information. Costs of bandwidth have decreased but performance is up. Costs of smartphones have decreased and there are more people than ever on the internet via a smartphone. We’re creating mountains of data and yet useful information is buried; only 7% of it is tagged*. Users are demanding ever more friendly interfaces – R.I.P. bad UI.

Ideas abounded on how to address these challenges, from strategy to design, architecture and the corporate lab model. Technology offers the possibility of direct customer relationships and self-service but making sense of new products, services and marketplaces is a minefield.

As always at these events, the discussion is lively, informed and inventive: a hotbed for innovation. If you want to know more about ideas to address your challenges, I suggest you get in touch!

Thanks to all those who participated: Micheal MacLean – Head of Solution Architecture, ASB Bank; Glenn Ashwell – CFO, Fisher Funds; Phil Doak, COO, NZ Funds; Ben Altoft – Head of IT, JBWere; Craig Patrick – Head of Operations, JBWere; Greg McHugh – Head of IT, NZ Superannuation Fund; Bryce Marsden – COO, Milford Asset Management; Anthony Harland – COO, Tyndall Investment Management. * Mary Meeker of KPCB’s “Internet Trends” report, May 2014.

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