Deep investment portfolio analytics and visualisations are key to driving best business practices and evaluating market conditions at pace.

Using the AlphaCert single source of truth and the integration, aggregation and automation of multiple data sources allows investment teams to have comprehensive and accurate insights into performance and understand their position across a range of dynamics.

The AlphaCert platform comes with pre-built analytics and visualisations, and the AlphaCert team has extensive knowledge and ability to create bespoke reporting, through PowerBI, Tableau or any reporting suite to suit your organisations needs.

Performance Reporting

The AlphaCert Performance Module has been designed for customers to manage their investment data and calculate and store performance results in the same platform.

Using the Performance Module, customers can calculate performance using industry standard methodologies over variable time periods.

Calculate Performance for:

Variable time periods (e.g. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, YTD, 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, Since Inception)

Using a preferred methodology (e.g. Modified Dietz Time Weighted Return)

All levels of the Asset Hierarchy (customisable within AlphaCert), Portfolios, Instruments

Performance against benchmarks can be calculated using benchmark index data form any different market providers, and results are stored to give confidence their data is always accessible.

Portfolio Management

Integrations with world leading portfolio management systems to provide up-to-date, verified data for decision-making.

AlphaCert works with the world’s leading PMS providers:


AlphaCert has pre-built integration to Portfolio Management Systems, including, but not limited to BlackRock Aladdin, one of the world’s leading Portfolio Management Systems.

AlphaCert currently supplies data representing over $170B to Portfolio Management Systems for our customers on a daily basis.

AlphaCert has a proven daily process for interfacing data to BlackRock Aladdin.

The AlphaCert data model contains the data fields required by Portfolio Management Systems, and we offer a fast time to value for getting an AlphaCert connectors configured and supplying data.

Historical Reporting

Get fast and easy access to historical data ensuring users can find the data they need, from any date and time. Historical data will never be challenging again.


Data optimised to improve accessibility and reporting

Leverage platform as a data warehouse

Load existing historical data and gain immediate advantages


Finance & Risk

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