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AlphaCert is trusted by fund managers, superannuation funds and sovereign wealth funds to automate their investment data processes and provide the best-decision making tools.

Stay in control with trusted, validated investment data in one place.

Critical decisions informed
with accurate data

AlphaCert is a comprehensive investment data automation solution built specifically for investment management teams. The AlphaCert platform automates your investment data processes and provides the best tools to accelerate your decision-making. You will make more reliable and faster decisions, based on accurate, valuated data and insights you can trust.



AlphaCert was created for fund managers, superannuation funds and sovereign wealth funds to eliminate the effort spent validating data and manipulating spreadsheets.

No matter your size, from big to boutique, AlphaCert will aggregate the data from custodian banks, market data providers and your internal teams, enriching and validating that data, ensuring your team can make quick decisions based on insights you can trust.

Data Confidence is why we exist

AlphaCert delivers validated and verified data across your whole organisation giving you confidence to make the best decisions to grow your fund.

Single source of truth

Eliminate wasted time with accurate and up-to-date investment management data where and when you need it.

Accelerate your workflows

Powerful automation tools to optimise key investment operations processes including compliance, cash flow management, position and cash position management.

Access to the data you need

A flexible aggregation and integration platform, with look-through, which interfaces to upstream data providers and downstream investment systems.

With AlphaCert, the NZ investment management company IIS reduced their time spent on cashflow modelling from 4 hours down to 30 minutes per day. 

We work with

The inherent risks in using spreadsheets to manage investment data, and how to mitigate them.

Understanding how an investment data management platform can support your strategy.

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