Finance & Risk

The AlphaCert platform is designed with risk, compliance and assurance at its core.

Giving Risk and finance teams confidence that they will meet any auditing requirements, the platform captures an exact history of any decisions or changes made over time, and pinpoints who made changes and when, allowing for confidence on any decision making.

With risk, exposure and compliance analysis and reporting built in, finance and risk teams can leverage the single source of truth for regulatory reporting and many other business requirements.

Exposure Reporting & Risk​

Configurable role-based permissions governing user rights and authentication, robust application layer security.

Investment managers need to view and analyse exposure to markets, sectors, currencies, countries and regions to mitigate risk and maximise returns. AlphaCert’s rich data model enables investment managers to quickly and easily perform detailed risk and exposure analysis and reporting.

For example, by using AlphaCert as the single source of truth to combine custodial data, market data and other sources of internal data, investment managers can gain insight into areas of significant risk and exposure such as:

Exposure by Country and Region

Exposure by Currency Classifications

Exposure by Counterparty / Issuer

OR view exposure by any data classification required for specific use cases


Data feeds can be configured for third party systems and models such as Risk systems, counterparty exposure models and any other exposure reporting.


It’s more important than ever to demonstrate compliance with investment mandates, so having the appropriate checks and balances is critical. AlphaCert’s extensive compliance checks can be made across all levels of a fund, including checks against individual Instruments, GICS Sector exclusions and Portfolio Holdings by Asset Class grouping weights vs mandate.


Implement custom checks based on your fund’s specific investment mandates

Reporting, including warnings, on an exception basis to quickly identify and correct breaches

Highly flexible and tailored to meet individual funds requirements

ESG Attribution

Managing all of your investment data in a central location allows for streamlining of your operating processes. 

The AlphaCert ESG Module sits within our investment data automation platform and records ESG data from single, or multiple providers, for all organisations to display against the legal entity record.

Customers have the option to link all ESG values and scores to Held instruments and apply calculations/weightings to find the overall ESG score for Options, Portfolios and Funds.



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