What is instrument mastering and how can it help your business?

Instrument mastering is increasingly important in an asset-driven world and there are big risks for those who do not get it right.   Instrument Mastering is a component of data mastering – a process that involves linking or merging unmastered data sources with another master data record. An unmastered data source is one that has not …

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AlphaCert Team

Changing tack: embracing ‘interoperability’ and decentralised data management 

AlphaCert COO Scott Taylor comments on key insights from the Fund Summit. The 9th Fund Summit in Melbourne highlighted the emerging trend towards data decentralisation and governance – looking at how firms can leverage interoperability within their service provider ecosystem.  AlphaCert Founder and CEO Phil Pietersen was part of a thought leadership panel presenting on …

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[Video] Alpha Chats: Non-Fungible Tokens

On Wednesday, June 9, James Milne, Head of Product at AlphaCert sat down with Stephen Huppert, Independent Consultant and Advisor, to discuss the emerging and popular trend of non-fungible tokens. In this episode, James and Stephen chat on what a non-fungible token is, its purpose, its environmental impact and its investment potential. James Milne: Hi, …

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The Top 3 Key Takeaways from IDT Summit 2020

Key investment management trends to watch The Investment Data and Technology Summit returned this year for its 5th annual event, which unlike previous years, was held online. As sponsors of IDT, AlphaCert was pleased to see wide adoption of this new virtual platform by Summit attendees – which included investment management sector professionals and senior …

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How an IDM platform can support your strategy for managing disruption

Smart technology alone won’t help investment managers respond to disruptive market conditions unless they can ensure it is being provided with the right data. Reliable, accurate and high-integrity data is critical for decision-making in the investment and asset management industry. Managing data effectively is the foundation on which your response to industry disruption is built.

The asset management middle office—the meat in the sandwich?

For many asset management organisations, the middle office is there to support the front office and pass data through to the back office. However, the role of the middle office is evolving as organisations come under pressure from a combination of increasing regulatory focus, lower investment returns, and growing concerns about risk management. Market-leading organisations are making up to the valuable role the middle office can play in helping to manage these pressures.

Alphacert’s continued growth and global expansion

Off the back of its growth strategy, AlphaCert, the NZ fintech start-up which provides an enterprise data platform for the investment management industry, is expanding into UK with a new footprint in London.

Our London base will enable us to provide a global support model for our customers and look to promote our product further into the UK, Europe, US, and Middle Eastern markets.

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