Confidence in your complex investment data

Complete and accurate investment data delivered the way you need it.
AlphaCert makes this possible with data governance built in.

The AlphaCert Platform

We understand the operational pressures on your Funds. AlphaCert is an investment data automation platform that will ensure you can manage investment risks while controlling costs. Getting this right with increasingly complex datasets and while clients and regulators are demanding more transparency is a big challenge.

The AlphaCert platform overcomes your operational challenges by automating your investment data processes and offering a wide range of tools to accelerate your decision making.

AlphaCert is your platform to support sound decision making and building velocity into your operational workflows; making it easy to work with complex data and driving repeatability into business processes so they run efficiently. We do this by aggregating all your key data sources, overlaying a data governance structure, and providing the best tools to integrate with your existing investment systems.

Data confidence

Accurate and complete data leads to better decisions. Obtaining this data is a challenge. It requires you to navigate the data silos across the organisation, find the accurate data and hunt down the errors.

The AlphaCert platform eliminates this by automating an investment data governance structure across your business. This ensures consistent high-quality data is used for decision support and compliance obligations. Totally eliminating the time wasted hunting down and resolving data issues.

One trusted dataset

A flexible aggregation and integration platform with predefined interfaces to upstream data providers and downstream investment systems.

AlphaCert goes beyond aggregating data from all the major custodian banks and market data providers. Our platform brings together data at all levels of your fund’s hierarchy giving you a clearer picture of your asset allocation, risk and exposure. In short, AlphaCert enables look-through to individual holdings at the portfolio level.

To be useful you need to access the right data, where you need it. Utilising your existing reporting is simple; AlphaCert integrates with the industry’s popular reporting tools including PowerBI and Tableau. We also integrate with many Portfolio Management systems, like Blackrock, as well as Performance and Attributions systems, like Ortec’s Pearl.

Faster Decisions

Making the most of your data, quickly is where the AlphaCert platform excels. A powerful automation tool to optimise key business processes including compliance, cash flow management and cash position management

Alphacert Product Features

Aggregation & Enrichment

Compiling data from disparate sources into a single database, and enriching data to fill gaps in information sources. AlphaCert allows investment managers to aggregate data at all levels of the fund hierarchy, which is often difficult to achieve in a timely way. Get a picture of your asset allocation, risk and exposure by aggregating data from individual holdings at a portfolio level up through each level of the fund hierarchy.

Create the required relationships quickly and easily in AlphaCert to view the aggregated data at each level of the fund structure and drill down into the detail beneath.

With this functionality built into the AlphaCert platform, investment managers can easily view the data with the required level of detail for each scenario.


Too often, investment managers are faced with a lack of visibility when it comes to any changes that have been made to their data. The workflow process isn’t as clear as it could be, especially around data approval and sign-off. Investment managers need to have a level of process and rigour around the operational cycle within any fund.

AlphaCert adds the required layer of governance enabling improved visibility, confidence, auditability and traceability of changes – the ability to see who’s done what and when.


There are a number of ways that data can be compromised, such as emailing files, and not having a systemised process for data storage. Ensuring the security of investment data is top priority for any investment manager, and a key feature of the AlphaCert solution. It means that:

data is in a hosted environment with a leading, secure cloud provider.

risky offline processes are eliminated – everything is stored in a secure environment.

data is brought in and loaded through APIs and secure file transfer protocols (SFTP).

The AlphaCert solution offers a series of role-based permissions which means access to different levels of data is granted based on what role a user occupies within your business.

Data Warehouse

Viewing historical data can sometimes be a challenge. It’s dependent on how much data can be stored and how far back it goes. The AlphaCert data warehouse enables fast and easy access to historical data enabling users to find exactly the required data from any date, without having to go through a lengthy search process.

The data warehousing features of the AlphaCert solution also ensure that data can be optimised for reporting purposes. Data is stored in an operational fashion in the Operational Data Store (ODS), until it’s ready to be signed off and moved to the Reporting Data Store (RDS).

The AlphaCert data warehouse feature allows greater accessibility to historical data, as well as optimising it for reporting which is a key time saving device for investment managers.

Information & Reporting

Sometimes, the challenge when trying to find out key information is having to work through a number of data sources that have come from multiple third-party providers.

AlphaCert meets this challenge by providing a number of ways that information can be accessed, with built-in tools to extract and view data for information and reporting:

the Slicer – this is like a pivot table, allowing investment managers to interrogate data ‘on the fly’ and gain faster insights.

Extracts – a more structured way of accessing information and viewing a data set, such as holdings data, transactional data, or market data.

Reports – these can be run in a systemised, repeatable way, every day. Reports can be customised depending on customer needs.

Like the data warehouse, this feature is a major time saver, enabling investment managers and their staff to quickly and easily access the data they need, without having to spend hours or days collating data from multiple spreadsheets. It also reduces risk, because data is no longer subjected to manual processes, but instead is scalable, and systemised through repeatable steps.


AlphaCert provides a verified, trusted, single source of truth with the highest quality data.

AlphaCert is designed to point out, on an exception basis, any issues with data quality. When an issue is identified, a notification is triggered so that the data can be investigated and corrected at source if required. This ensures that an investment manager and their staff are all working from the same, high quality data.

Data integrity is crucial when it comes to making decisions. The higher quality your data is, the better your decision-making process will be. AlphaCert is built around ensuring that your data is not only trusted, but verified.


The level of complexity that’s required to integrate a non-systemised data set into downstream systems can be a major challenge. AlphaCert is designed as an open architecture platform which means it’s much easier to integrate data both in and out. Data can be pulled from a number of different sources, normalised, checked and verified. Integration points out from AlphaCert ensure that the same high quality set of data is provided in a customised, repeatable manner to downstream systems.

AlphaCert makes it simple to integrate data with other platforms and systems (e.g. a portfolio management system or a performance and attribution system) or to import data from custodians, market data providers and other investment data sources.

Our open architecture allows investment managers to seamlessly integrate with the world’s leading investment platforms.

Spend more time managing assets and less time managing data.

Data is the fuel that drives investment decisions and making the best investment decisions drives growth.

Single source of truth

Your entire organisation working from the same information, just imagine how much time and effort you’d save

Speed up your workflows

Drive repeatability into workflows with automated integration, validation and quality checking.

Reduce risk

Investment is an inherently risky business, don’t make it more risky using dirty data.

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