Maximising the value of technology: Fund Summit 2023

AlphaCert Executive General Manager Daniel McCarthy and Chief Operating Officer Scott Taylor recently attended the 10th Fund Summit in Sydney. 

The summit brought together a diverse audience of industry partners, super funds and professionals, providing a space for networking and exchanging ideas and innovations.

Both attendees noted Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations as a highly discussed megatrend in the industry, alongside regulatory reporting and the adoption of Artificial intelligence. 

These megatrends were central to the key themes of the summit – maximising the value of technology and fund management, alongside the role of data in driving efficiencies within businesses.

While investment management organisations may be at various stages of the data maturity model, the right tools can ensure efficiency and equip teams to focus on driving better returns.

Reflecting on the Summit, Scott Taylor emphasised the criticality of automating data flow from ingestion through to the insights team.

“The significance of leveraging technology is not to replace human capabilities but to aid productivity and create opportunities for additional value,” says Taylor.  

“People are really, really hard to find in the industry, automating data flows allows organisations to create efficiencies and free up the time of those within the team. 

 “It’s really important that funds, no matter what stage of their data journey, begin automating these processes – enabling data to get to the insights team really as quickly as possible,” he says. 

Daniel McCarthy, Executive General Manager of AlphaCert, found value in the discussions on maximising the value of technology and fund management, alongside the growing influence of data in driving both alpha and cost efficiencies within businesses.

“The phrase that stuck with me most was ‘it’s all about simplifying complexity and then making the simple compelling’ – and as a business that looks to simplify the complexity of data management, that really resonated with me at AlphaCert,” says McCarthy. 

“The summit reaffirmed our commitment to providing solutions that align with the evolving needs of investment management organisations.”

AlphaCert can automate the data flow and take a lot of inefficiencies and time-consuming processes away from your business, enabling team members to focus on what’s important, which is driving better member returns and adding more value to your organisation.

AlphaCert remains committed to delivering solutions that empower investment professionals to navigate the complexities of data management effectively.

Get in touch to understand how AlpaCert can help you streamline and enhance your regulatory reporting processes or simplify the complexity of data and make it more compelling for your organisation and customers.

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