Why AlphaCert?

Your single source of clean, validated investment data, AlphaCert is a data management platform made for investment management. 

We take data feeds from custodian banks, market data providers and internal teams and bring it all together. 

Its then enriched, validated and ready for your teams to push data into Microsoft Excel or analytics tools such as Power BI and Tableau. 

Trusted by one of the world’s largest superannuation funds.

How it works

AlphaCert automatically integrates, cleans and manipulates investment data until it is available to end users. Fully automated to specifically handle, inspect and manipulate data based on well-defined rules, filters and mappings.

Provides a single source of truth by:



Interacting with external data providers to request, retrieve and receive data.



Loading raw custodian data into AlphaCert and inspecting for logical and structural accuracy.



Cleansing data, and where possible, correcting incomplete or inaccurate data. AlphaCert immediately highlights to users where data anomalies exist.



Manipulating data using rules and functions in preparation for integration into the data store. Includes tools to enable users to fix anomalies.



Once cleansed, the data is written and consolidated through robust controls, policies and procedures.



Certifying selected data to be used for business reporting purposes, and by downstream systems and user groups.

From a traditional approach to managing investment data…

Traditional investment data management has multiple daily updates from a range of sources into varied, disparate systems. This increases human error through the reliance on risky and inefficient manual updates. Inconsistent data formats, and manual intervention, makes interpretation of the output difficult.

…to a platform that equips you for the future

Swift and accurate reporting, higher quality data and improved data integrity puts you back in control. Instead of spending valuable time checking and double-checking data before it can even be analysed, the AlphaCert platform frees you and your team up to focus on adding value to investment portfolios, in real-time.

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