“Leaders of Funds” in Melbourne highlight critical issues for Funds Management

At AlphaCert, we believe that discussion and debate between peers is a great stimulus for creativity and innovation. That’s why we host “Leaders of Funds” forums. On 1 December, in Melbourne, a group of peers shared knowledge, ideas and lunch with other recognised leaders in the funds management sector in Australia. We set the scene with an overview of technology trends: growth of mobile, social media, the cloud and the proliferation of data, to name a few. The opportunities for innovation proffered by these trends are boundless but there can be downsides if you’re unprepared for the changes: disruption to business as usual and risk management challenges.

The virtual explosion of data is clearly an issue for participants in the discussion. Questions were raised as to how to deal with the amount of unstructured data that is being generated, for instance, emails and documents attached to those emails. How do you determine what is important to the business and how do you best store that information? Data sovereignty is also a concern for some with regards to cloud computing and storage. While those in operations or IT management are generally confident, others within their organisations are more doubtful about privacy regulations and the ownership of data stored by providers off-shore. We presented findings from research we conducted at FST Media in Sydney. For instance, what keeps fund managers awake at night? The largest number – 42% – stated that custodian/administrator data quality issues are paramount, followed by regulatory reporting requirements. Unsurprising given the regulatory change that has transformed the investment industry following the GFC 2008. As always at these events, the discussion is lively, informed and collaborative. If you want to know more about how AlphaCert can address your challenges, I suggest you get in touch! Thanks to all those who participated including representatives of AustralianSuper, the Future Fund of Australia and VicSuper. AlphaCert provides a single source of trusted data for funds management with a deeply technical but intuitively easy to use data management platform. Through experience and market research, we’ve identified common information technology challenges for those in the funds management sector. AlphaCert addresses these challenges:

  • Multiple, disparate, data sources that need accurate, swift integration;
  • Data quality issues;
  • Manual data handling and ensuing errors;
  • The availability of reliable, consistent, client reporting;
  • Digital engagement with members;
  • Pressures on margins.

Customise your AlphaCert platform further with made to measure modules that address compliance, risk or any number of issues facing your organisation. With AlphaCert, the business benefits are clear:

  • Save valuable time for highly paid operations and fund managers.
  • Maintain the focus on delivering returns on customers’ investments instead of time-wasting administration.
  • Reduce risk for your business by overcoming issues of data quality.
  • Spend more time on your core business with swift, timely and accurate reporting on mandatory regulation and compliance requirements.
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