Top 3 Takeouts from the Sydney IDT Summit

AlphaCert was delighted to sponsor the recent 3rd annual IDT – Investment Data and Technology summit in Sydney. It was a great opportunity to catch up with senior executives in the investment management sector as well as industry colleagues.

The event was well attended with over 150 delegates. Feedback was that the AlphaCert branding stood out in the display hall and it was great for AlphaCert, as a relatively new company, to be standing amongst well established investment management industry players. The conversation with visitors was lively and centred around the how AlphaCert enables a data centric business architecture.

My three key takeouts from the conference follow.

#1 The industry’s views on data management is maturing and many organisations now wish to manage and control their own investment data destiny. We see many organisations wishing to build new business systems architecture with investment data at the centre of a hub and spoke design. This is a evolution from a view of wanting to outsource the “data management problem” that was more prevalent several years ago.

#2 Data as a Service as a concept is gaining traction. Many organisations are now moving away from the in-house “build” of a centralised trusted datastore and are now wishing to “buy” data as a service. Bespoke development still occurs, but more so on the edge of the organisation, closer to end customers where true differentiable innovation can occur. Common practice right now is a hybrid of a centralised data store with custom development for complex integration and proprietary complex calculation algorithms.

#3 Many organisations now realise that building a centralised daily management “capability” is not a one-off exercise but tends to be an ongoing programme of work. This capability enables the organisation to continue to acquire and ingest new sources of competitive data, enrich, and then extract insights to produce either standardised reporting, sophisticated analytical analysis, or connecting to third party specialist applications (such as Risk or Performance & Attribution systems).

The agenda was varied and interesting and the panel discussion we lively. Thanks to Laurence Jarvis and the team for an excellent conference and we look forward to next year.

AlphaCert enables a hub & spoke system architecture has been designed on modern cloud technology using open standards to provide a trusted source of investment data. If you would like more information on how we help organisations design a new business architecture focused on driving data as a competitive asset, please feel to get in touch.

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