New collaboration brings enriched market data onto a new platform

Bringing together two world-leading platforms for investment data management and market data provision

After a large Australian customer signed up Refinitiv for market data, Refinitiv and AlphaCert agreed to work together to bring Refinitiv’s enriched data sets on to a purpose-built AlphaCert package installation.

Refinitiv provides market data to investment managers in order to enrich the data they already have from their custodians and other sources. The ‘joint offering’ from both Refinitiv and AlphaCert is the foundation of the relationship. It means that Refinitiv customers have the lightweight and powerful AlphaCert platform to store their data, and won’t need to write to the Refinitiv API a second time, thus reducing time and resources in accessing the data.

Customers who have chosen AlphaCert – and are existing Refinitiv customers – can now leverage the data which will expand the commercial relationship between Refinitiv and their customers.

A key benefit of a market data provider like Refinitiv is their enriched data sets, which allows investment managers a raft of powerful analytics such as gauging their exposure to certain countries, currencies, markets, regions, and asset types. What this means for our customers is they’ll gain the advantage of having access to those enriched data sets. It will also mean they’re are working from a single, trusted, verified source of data in Refinitiv data, and they’ll gain access to a broad range of integrated data sets that also help them with regulatory obligations.

In terms of fixed income securities, analytics data can enrich the data investment managers already have from the custodian bank, along with Refinitiv’s powerful ESG data, which will enable investment managers to gain greater insight into data valuation points.

Not only that, but by building a connection to the Refinitiv API’s, the customer can request data extraction using rules, definitions and parameters, without having to code. With preconfigured data structures, this is essentially a ‘Plug-n’Play’ solution for fast and accurate delivery of data.

Looking ahead, both Refinitiv and AlphaCert are looking forward to opening doors for each other in terms of customers, and with a tightly-built integration, a better service for those customers. Both companies are committed to helping their customers gain greater insight into their data, exposures and risks, so they can make the best investment decisions possible.

“Our collaboration with Refinitiv brings together two world-leading platforms for investment data management and market data provision,” says AlphaCert CEO Phil Pietersen. “By integrating Refinitiv with AlphaCert, customers receive high-quality data in a timely manner to enable the best possible investment decisions.”

To find out more about AlphaCert’s partnership with Refinitiv and how it can benefit your investment management business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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