How an IDM platform can support your strategy for managing disruption

You’ll be familiar with the 2018 Australian Royal Commission, and the ‘naming and shaming’ that followed its publication, along with the increased regulation of how investment data is managed. Not only that, but like most industries, the investment management sector is experiencing digital disruption on a global scale. The combination is fuelling the need for a modern enterprise data management system (EDM) to provide a single source of truth for the data you manage.

Smart technology alone won’t help investment managers respond to disruptive market conditions unless they can ensure it is being provided with the right data. Reliable, accurate and high-integrity data is critical for decision-making in the investment and asset management industry. Managing data effectively is the foundation on which your response to industry disruption is built.

Coupled with increasing investor expectations to have more granular visibility across their investment portfolio in order to better understand where their money is being invested means investment managers need to provide increased transparency and better reporting on their portfolios not just the best returns.

To help you we’ve developed a new eBook: Responding to disruption, a guide to understanding how the right investment data management platform can support your strategy.

Our eBook covers four key areas:

The challenges for today’s asset and investment managers
Outlining what managers need to stay competitive and compliant, and why they need to have a scalable and efficient operating model. A strategic data platform is essential.

The need for an investment data management platform
Turning data into a strategic asset requires a solution that delivers key outcomes such as confidence, compliance, and operational management. This section looks at the importance of investing in an EDM solution that provides a single source of truth for investment data to enable deeper insight, enhanced analysis and strategic decision-making.

Establishing your business case
How an investment data platform can meet the key challenges faced by investment managers (including a different approach to ROI), and what to look for when conducting due diligence.

EDM solutions – what to look for
They’re not all created equal. This section outlines the main considerations when evaluating the different EDM options available.

How we can help
AlphaCert’s solution transforms the way data is managed, so that investment managers are free to do what they do best: add value in portfolio management.

Data today is prolific and complex and must be harnessed to inform decision-making and enable analysis of patterns and trends. This guide will help you present a business case supporting the implementation of an integrated data management platform to meet the challenges presented by an industry that is being increasingly disrupted by digital technology.

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