Why today’s investment companies need flexible data management systems

Today’s digital-first landscape has accelerated the pace of change within the investment industry. Demand for real time information, changing data requirements, greater customer expectations and regulatory and transparency pressures, have become the norm. To remain competitive, investment companies must embrace flexible technologies which allow their teams to access meaningful insights and make faster decisions.

However, when it comes to adopting more flexible data solutions, traditional investment companies face a major hurdle. Many rely on complex IT heavy, legacy data management systems. Over time, these systems have become deeply entrenched in their processes, people and culture, which present a real barrier to change. And while change may be viewed as disruptive, costly and not an immediate need, those who fail to revitalise their data management systems, risk being left behind.

Thankfully the emergence of new data management platforms which utilise cloud-based technologies, machine learning and AI, have the power to be real game changers for investment companies and their teams. By shifting their focus from descriptive and predictive data analysis to prescriptive analysis, investment managers and their teams can better anticipate and respond to emerging market trends, to get better returns for their customers. Innovative data management platforms like AlphaCert, can transform huge amounts of disparate data into a single source of truth faster and more accurately than traditional systems. By eliminating some manual data processes, AlphaCert enables investment teams more time to concentrate on value add opportunities, like risk management, product development and other high value support for customers.

Does this mean investment companies should throw out their existing legacy data management systems? Changing data systems is not an easy undertaking – it’s likely to be disruptive, costly and requires investment in many areas across an investment business like training. In some cases, it also requires an organisational shift in mindset around people and processes.

In developing AlphaCert, our goal was to make it easier for investment teams to get more accurate and timely insights out of their traditional legacy data systems. So, we’ve created it in a way which seamlessly integrates with existing IT architecture. This allows investment teams to get more value out of the systems they have. It’s not about throwing legacy systems out the door, it’s about integrating a platform, like AlphaCert, to enable the best decisions to be made at the right time.

Timing is key to the success in both the digital-first era and the investment game. So, if you want more flexibility in your data management systems managing investment operations data, then talk to us today. Drop us an email at enquiries@alphacertlabs.com or call +64 9 373 4626.

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