Alphacert’s continued growth and global expansion

Off the back of its growth strategy, AlphaCert, the NZ fintech start-up which provides an enterprise data platform for the investment management industry, is expanding into UK with a new footprint in London.

Our London base will enable us to provide a global support model for our customers and look to promote our product further into the UK, Europe, US, and Middle Eastern markets.

“In 2016 we set our targets on expanding into global markets. Since then, we’ve grown our partnerships, further developed AlphaCert’s platform offerings and added to our experienced team – all in an effort to expand globally and transform the way investment management firms harness data. This year we’re seeing the results of our efforts,” explains AlphaCert’s CEO, Phil Pietersen. “I’m incredibly proud of this expansion into the UK and excited to see the impact it will have on the market.  We have a number of prospect customers based in the UK that we have been talking to and the feedback has been positive.  Our team are very optimistic about the role we can player in the UK investment management industry.”

As a relatively young fintech company, AlphaCert’s data solutions transform the way data is managed in the investment management sector, particularly for large investment and superannuation funds.  As they expand, we meet these growth challenges by consuming data, storing it, visualising it and reporting on it in a consistent and trusted manner. We understand the necessity of always having accurate timely investment data, so we go beyond the offerings of mature vendors to develop capabilities that large investment and operational managers need.

Our solution is designed as an open architecture platform, making it easier to integrate data. Data can be pulled from a number of different internal and external sources, normalised then checked and verified. There are integration points out to downstream systems, so that the same set of data is provided in a customised, repeatable manner.

AlphaCert’s open architecture allows us to provide data to any best-of-breed third party System. For example, we have a pre-built integration module to BlackRock Aladdin, one of the world’s leading Portfolio Management Systems. BlackRock Aladdin is relied on by over 25,000 investment professionals worldwide. The AlphaCert data model contains the data fields required by BlackRock Aladdin, and we offer a fast time to value for getting an AlphaCert to Aladdin connector configured and supplying data.

The platform also has a pre-built integration module to Ortec Pearl, one of the world’s leading Performance measurement and Attribution Systems. AlphaCert currently supplies daily data representing over $150 billion (USD) to Ortec Pearl.

The AlphaCert platform provides a single source of truth to investment managers. With extensive verification and data dissemination capabilities, AlphaCert enhances existing systems and enables everyone from analysts to CIOs and COOs to have confidence in their data:

  • Straight-forward reports and improved efficiency
  • Rapid verification of custodian data
  • Improved knowledge and data integrity
  • Reliable, automated data processing

AlphaCert has also joined forces with global financial markets data provider Refinitiv to offer exciting new data management solutions to the investment management sector.  A key benefit of a market data provider like Refinitiv is their enriched data sets, which allows investment managers a raft of powerful analytics such as gauging their exposure to certain countries, currencies, markets, regions, and asset types.

Our integration capabilities and partnerships are a big part of what’s driving our growth and expansion into new markets. By expanding into London, we’re able to not only provide hands-on support for our key clients, but we’re continuing our own growth and expansion plans into these new markets.

Keen to find out more about how we can support UK and European based investment and superannuation funds? Get in touch and we’ll start a discussion.

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