Introducing AlphaCert’s new and improved UI

Here’s what you need to know about our refreshed user interface and what it means for AlphaCert users

AlphaCert is pleased to announce the launch of the refreshed user interface, which, as of December 2020 has been fully released to all of our customers.

The overall goal for the refresh was to enhance the existing simple and intuitive user interface so that it still felt familiar yet, had significant and notable upgrades. While modernising the aesthetic was key, we also updated the underlying technology to ensure the platform is blazing-fast.

Although AlphaCert contains complex investment data and sophisticated functionality to make sense of it, we’ve never wanted that complexity coming through in the user interface. While the AlphaCert aesthetic before was minimal, it’s now elevated to a more intuitive design and in turn, creates a more enjoyable user experience. To achieve this, we looked at current popular consumer applications like, Gmail and Twitter for inspiration. Traffic light colours were added for notification functionality to our Data Management and Daily Load screens to clearly emphasise data status (see fig. 2), pages renamed, and the navigation menu was reorganised to encourage a more intuitive workflow for users in the system. As the fundamental purpose of AlphaCert is to combine disparate investment data to streamline and improve the data management capability within investment funds, these small changes make a large difference when tight turnarounds of data are required; increasing a user’s ability to handle data quickly and make decisions efficiently

What’s new:

Figure 1: Fund Dashboard, new user interface

Description: More in line with popular consumer applications, AlphaCert’s new look boasts a lighter, brighter, and modernised appearance, making navigation on the AlphaCert platform easier and more intuitive for users.

Figure 2: Data Management Daily Load screen, new user interface

Description: Through a traffic light colour coded system it is now easier to identify the status of your data.

The other major driver for the refresh was to enhance the speed and performance of AlphaCert. To do this, the platform was upgraded to the latest version of Bootstrap under the hood and some of the underlying code was fine-tuned in efforts to enhance the overall user experience. For users, this means increased processing speeds and more effective delivery of key data insights.

To make the transition easier, the AlphaCert team rolled out the release in two stages. The first was the release of the new look and feel to the administrative screens with the remaining updates released soon after in December. While the overall changes are subtle, we are very happy with the result and hope our users are too.

At AlphaCert, users are at the centre of what we do and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the platform. Over the years we have been collecting user feedback and using it to assist in our upgrade process. As such, we’d like to invite our customers to share any feedback you may have on this new look as we value your opinion and would be interested to know your thoughts. Alternatively, if you are interested in seeing the AlphaCert platform and refreshed UI in action, get in touch for a personalised demo.

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