AlphaCert recognised as ISO 27001 Compliant

AlphaCert Head of Technology Frank Coyle discusses the importance of being ISO 27001 compliant and what value this brings our customers.

Information security and financial information security are incredibly important in investment management organisations – that’s why at AlphaCert, we ensure we are always working to the best standards possible.

As part of this, we’ve recently been recognised against the international gold standard for auditing information security management systems. 

Having ISO 27001 compliance means AlphaCert works to an internationally recognised standard for auditing information security management systems – highlighting that we take security seriously and that we put effort into making sure that we’re compliant with that system.

This compliance is internationally recognised by clients and partner organisations. This assures those we work alongside that AlphaCert follows proper procedures and provides robust security measures. We do what we say we do, and people can trust us when we say that. 

We work with clients who are very, very security conscious, especially when it comes to information security and financial information security. This compliance is important for a business like AlphaCert because we have to be compliant with international standards that our customers are familiar with and recognise, and can report back to their boards and their information security teams with. 

On an international platform ISO 27001:2013 is the gold standard – the one that tells everybody that you’re doing things right.


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